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Public Bat Watching and Sunset Tour

Capital Cruises’ Internationally Famous
Bat Watching Tour

The Ann W. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge is the home of the largest urban bat colony in the world. Austin's bats are Mexican free-tailed bats and use the bridge as their maternity roost, migrating each spring from central Mexico to have their pups here before returning to Mexico in autumn.

Our cruises provide the best possible vantage point for one of the most incredible wildlife spectacles in the world! Bat viewing is available on a nightly public tour, March through mid-November, or you can customize a private excursion with dinner, cocktails, and more. Please use the GET A QUOTE button for rates for a private cruise.

November through February (weather permitting), we offer a nightly sunset tour for those wanting to get out on the lake at sunset. A small portion of the bat colony does stay year-round, though viewing tends to be very limited this time of year. This tour is primarily to get out on the water at the perfect time – sunset! Bring a jacket, a beverage of your choice, and some snacks, and enjoy the scenery!

  • Public nightly bat watching tours depart approximately 30 minutes before sunset and last roughly one hour in length. Bat Watching Tours available March through early November. Rates for the Sunset Bat Watching tour: $14.00 for adults, $11.00 for seniors & $9.00 for children ages 3 to 12.

A Typical Emergence
Good viewing of the bat emergence happens consistently March through mid May; more inconsistent viewing of emergences happen mid May through June (birthing time); BEST viewing is July through September/October.

Sunset/Sightseeing tours available November through February, (weather permitting) excluding holidays. Rates for the Sunset/Sightseeing tours: $14.00 for adults, $11.00 for seniors & $9.00 for kids 3 to 12.

Book a Bat Cruise or call at (512) 480-9264.

  • Reservations require check-in 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.
  • Not checking in at this time may result in a loss of your reservation to patrons on the wait list to whom we release reservations 15 minutes prior to departure.
  • Departure times are subject to change depending on the bat emergence and sunset times.
  • This tour runs March through October (weather permitting). The Bat-Watching Tour is not available November – February, but our Sunset Sightseeing Tour is still an option to get out on the lake.

REMINDER — bats are wild animals and can be unpredictable any time of year for a variety of factors. We do our best to put you in the right place at the right time to view the bats’ flight from the bridge based on current/recent emergence patterns and give a great tour of the area. We cannot guarantee a good or great emergence. If you have questions about what the emergences have been like prior to purchasing tickets, just give us a call, and we’ll be happy to discuss what we have been seeing!

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***Departure times below are subject to change depending on the bat emergence patterns and sunset times.***
February 26th – 29th6:00 pm
March 1st – 13th6:00 pm
March 14th – 31st7:00 pm
April 1st – 15th7:15 pm
April 16th – April 30th7:30 pm
May 1st – May 15th7:45 pm
May 15th – July 31st8:00 pm
August 1st – 12th7:45 pm
August 13th – 26th7:30 pm
August 27th – Sept 9th7:15 pm
September 10th – Sept 23rd7:00 pm
September 24th – October 7th6:45 pm
October 8th – October 21st6:30 pm
October 22nd – 31st6:15 pm
SUNSET TOUR STARTS November 1st – 5th 6:00 pm
November 6th – February 28th5:00 pm

**Closed November 20th – 24th**

**Closed December 24th – 26th**

*Reservations require check-in 30 – 45 minutes prior to scheduled departure.

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Map & Directions
Capital Cruises Dock (Lakeside of the Hyatt Hotel)
208 Barton Springs Road
Austin, TX 78704

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