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Frequently Asked Questions

These guidelines are intended to ensure a safe and successful cruise for our customers and our boats. We want everyone to have a wonderful experience on the cruise, so please understand that these rules must be followed. We recommend that you go over this list with your party before the cruise to avoid any confusion.

We are on the boat dock at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. The Hyatt is located at 208 Barton Springs Road at the intersection of Congress and Barton Springs on the south side of Town Lake. Click here for Map and Directions.

The Hyatt Regency’s multi-level garage is the closest and easiest place to park. Parking starts at $25.00 for up to three hours (subject to additional charges past that time) but may vary depending on days of the week with higher traffic or during special events. Guests may drop off passengers at the front door of the hotel, but parking there is limited to five minutes. Other parking in the area varies greatly in price and availability. All parking is run independently of Capital Cruises.  Please see map for directions and options.

For private cruises, boarding time is usually 15 minutes in advance of departure (check with dock personnel regarding boarding for your specific cruise). For larger groups (~20 or more), we suggest telling your group to arrive 30 minutes prior to departure to allow for traffic and other potential delays. If our schedule permits, arrangements can be made for some members of your party to arrive earlier for set-up, decoration, etc. Please allow ample time for parking.

Check-in for public cruises starts 30 minutes prior to departure. Reservations must be claimed no less than 15 minutes prior to departure, or they are no longer guaranteed, even if they are prepaid. Prepaid reservations are non-refundable unless the reservation was canceled at least 72 hours in advance.  Please allow ample time for parking.

Attire is Austin casual. We host events from black tie to summer comfortable. Dress for your particular event and for the weather.

You are welcome bring smart phones, MP3 players, or other previously approved entertainment items. You may bring alcoholic beverages on board if there is no bar service provided by Capital Cruises or the Hyatt. YOU MAY NOT TAKE ALCOHOL INTO THE HYATT HOTEL. Any other machinery, items that require power, and/or amplify music, must be pre-approved by Capital Cruises.

We can add just about any entertainment to your cruise, including bar service, margarita machines, bands, DJs, casinos, children’s entertainment, a hypnotist, and more.

When renting our margarita machine, you will be responsible for bringing the liquor unless other arrangements are made. The liquor–three liters of tequila and one liter of orange liqueur per batch–must be delivered to the dock NO LESS than two hours before your cruise to allow the machine adequate time to freeze the drinks. No refunds for the margarita machine rental will be given if tequila is not delivered on time.

You are welcome to bring your own food and beverages from wherever you would like; however, off-site caterers are not allowed on premises. You may also bring fully charged smart phone/iPod to use with our on-board stereo system or other approved entertainment.

If you are planning on bringing anything that requires electricity, please consult with Capital Cruises staff beforehand as power capabilities vary depending on which boat you have reserved.

Yes, you are welcome to do decorating of almost any type, but please do not bring confetti, bird seed, rice, silly string, etc. These items are VERY harmful to the lake environment. Also please do not tape items to the boat. It is best to decorate tables and tie balloons and streamers. Prearrange whatever decorations you can to expedite the decoration process.

  • The Captain has full authority at all times.
  • We provide trash cans and will discard the trash for you after the cruise.
  • We have clean, comfortable restrooms on board our larger boats
  • We provide tables and chairs.
  • Electricity availability varies on each boat. Call for details.
  • Generators are available for rental.
  • DJs, bands, and other entertainment that you have booked on your own must contact us for electricity needs. You are strongly advised to consul with us before booking them to make sure that whatever you/they are planning is feasible.
  • No cooking is allowed.
  • Fireworks of any kind are prohibited in the city limits and on our vessels
  • Do not use tape, staples, or tacks.
  • No pets or animals allowed except for service animals.
  • We provide an stereo/speaker with auxiliary hook-up or Bluetooth connectivity on all boats. Bring your fully charged smart phone to play your favorites!
  • Glassware and bottles are strongly discouraged. Broken glass is a safety problem and will damage the floor.
  • Life jackets are provided. It is up to the parent if they wish their children to wear one on captained cruises. Children under 13 must where a life jacket on non-captained cruises.
  • Wheelchair accessibility is available on most boats. Please contact us for special needs.