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Capital Cruises Fleet

  • 30

  • Group Size: 51 minimum – 100 maximum
  • Upper Deck capacity: 100 passengers
  • Central Heating, A/C
  • 2 Restrooms
  • Table seating for up to 80 passengers
  • AM/FM Stereo, CD Player, Auxiliary hookups

The flagship of the Capital Cruises fleet, the Pride and Joy II is a 75-foot 2012 Destination Yacht, affording you the versatility of a double-decked experience.

The all-seasons enclosed lower deck has central heating and air-conditioning and can seat parties of up to 80 passengers at tables at one time. The place to which your party will inevitably gravitate is the full upper deck. Entirely at your party’s disposal, the upper deck has a maximum capacity of 100 people and more than enough space to dance and mingle with the arresting backdrop of Austin’s dynamic skyline contrasted against the calm, quiet waters of Lady Bird Lake.

Its two restrooms are fully functional and air-conditioned. On board, there is a versatile stereo system with variable volume control for each deck, a wireless microphone, and the capability to play CDs, MP3 players, and radio with auxiliary power for more involved audio/video hookups. The Pride and Joy II is ideal for business meetings, mixers, client entertainment, weddings, receptions, rehearsal dinners, family reunions, or any party for your 50 closest friends!

Please note: Depending upon the type of event and entertainment/setup required, certain events may be limited further in capacity.

  • 31

  • Group Size: 21 minimum – 50 maximum
  • Upper Deck Capacity: 35 passengers
  • AM/FM Stereo, CD Player, Auxiliary hookups
  • 1 Restroom

The Nighthawk is the second-largest vessel in the finest fleet on the serene waters of Lady Bird Lake.

With its covered primary level and upper deck access, the Nighthawk is the ideal space and setting for 21 to 50 people. The lower level can be enclosed in the event of cold or inclement weather, while the natural shade of the upper deck helps keep it cool in the summer. The most popular spot on the boat will undoubtedly be the upper deck, accommodating up to 35 people.

Enjoy dinner and cocktails while taking in scenic Downtown Austin, and catch the world’s largest urban bat colony at the Congress Avenue Bridge. The Nighthawk has an AM/FM stereo with a CD player and an auxiliary hook-up for a smartphone. It has a restroom on board and, in the hotter months, comes equipped with a water-cooled evaporative fan to help keep the shaded lower level even cooler.

  • IMGP1222

  • Group Size: 9 minimum – 20 maximum
  • AM/FM Stereo, CD Player, Auxiliary hookups

Can’t find a place on the water for that group of 9 – 20? Look no further than our 30-foot electric cruisers, the perfect setting on Lady Bird Lake for bat-viewing, lunch and dinner cruises, or just a relaxing cruise down one of the most scenic urban lakes in the country!

Equipped with an AM/FM stereo, CD player, and auxiliary hook-up for a smartphone, the Myacht works great for the smaller group that just wants to get out on the water with a couple of cases of beer and some BBQ. Maybe you are throwing a destination bachelor or bachelorette party. The Myacht gets your group out on the water before you head downtown. This boat is a flat-rate charter of $350 plus a 19% service fee and includes a captain. Dinner packages are priced at a per person rate, which includes a two-hour charter of the boat.

  • CC-IMGP1263-gps

  • Group Size:  36 passengers
  • Theater-style seating
  • Provides unobstructed viewing of bats
  • Used primarily for our sunset bat watching tour
  • Also available for private charters for groups of 9-25
  • MSH_Robyn Kolk - 5A5A1622

  • Group Size: 54 passengers
  • Theater-style seating
  • Provides unobstructed viewing of bats
  • Used solely for the bat-watching cruise
  • resized-duffys751

  • Ideal for smaller groups & private dinners
  • $100.00 per hour.
  • Two-hour minimum
  • Nearly identical to its blue-topped sister, Longhorn 21′ is a luxurious 2006 model with leather seats, stereo, CD player, and iPod connection.
  • It, too, is an option for those looking at a year-around rental, as it has windows that make it fully enclosable. During the colder times of the year, there is the option for a portable propane space heater that keeps the cabin warm.
  • Additionally, this boat features a teak table and steering wheel.
  • boat pictures 5.12.12 024

  • Ideal for smaller groups & private dinners
  • $100.00 per hour.
  • Two-hour minimum
  • Duffy 21′ is a 2006 model Duffy with leather seats and an AM/FM/CD stereo with an iPod connection.
  • Outfitted for just about any weather situation, Duffy 21′ is completely encloseable for less than ideal weather days. We can even put a small heater inside to warm up the cabin.
  • With our largest on-board table, you can do a seated, plated dinner for up to six people.
  • Duffy 21′ is perfect for romantic dates or small groups of ten or fewer people.
  • cc-donutboats-2019-e1563842942929

  • First Donut Boats offered in Texas, our “Donut Mess with Texas” or “Glazed and Confused” are perfect for a fun outing for up to 10 persons. 
  • $100/hour 
  • Two-hour minimum
  • Self-driven. Bring your own food and beverages, or choose from one of our plated options
  • Round center table, bluetooth speaker, and all the fun you can handle.
  • Donut miss this offering!